" Knowledge is power and confidence; understanding how Nordic Walking contributes to your health will motivate you to master proper technique and incorporate this simple and fun activity into your regular physical activity routine. "

- Susan Yungblut, Physiotherapist, Master Urban Poling Instructor

Covid-19 requires we all make adjustments for the health of our communities.

Physical distancing is key.  So too is mental health self-care including exercise; compelling research shows exercise is essential to mental health. 

Nordic walking with poles is an excellent way to enjoy fresh air and exercise while maintaining safe physical distancing.
At this time, only private classes are offered until local Public Health regulations regarding physical distancing requirements are changed. 

Private, Semi-private and small group classes

Send me a message with any information you would like me to be aware of and we will arrange a tailored private lesson.

Instructor training

As a certified Urban Poling Master Trainer, I teach and certify groups of individuals interested in teaching their own classes.

Events Calendar

View details of upcoming classes.

Newsletter content

I write wellness content related to Nordic walking for inclusion in organizational newsletters/blogs.

Workplace Wellness In-service training

Treat your team to a tailored active educational wellness in-service. I will come to your workplace with poles to trial.




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